Meet Patricia Mitchell


Patricia serves as Administrative Assistant at New City since January 2007.  She is a native of North Carolina but grew up in New York.  She comes to us from Dallas, Texas and brings over 25 years business experience.  She graduated twice from The College of Westchester, White Plains, NY with degrees in Business Administration and Computerized Office Administration.  She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration from Averett University class of 2014.



I cannot remember a time that I did not go to church or believe in God.  At age 14 I had reoccurring dreams of a large cathedral like church with a balcony, pipe organ, stained glass windows, dark wood and red carpet.  One Sunday morning, about a year after the dreams began, my mom was not feeling well enough to attend church with my younger sister and me.  My sister and I proceeded to walk the eight long NY blocks to the Baptist Church we had attended for many years.  We walked one block and noticed a huge red brick church.  Together we decided that we would give this church a try, after all, it was a much shorter walk, and mom shouldn't be upset at least we went to church.

The female usher who greeted us was so kind, warm, cuddly, and just full of love.  As soon as she showed us to our seats I realized this was the very church that was in my dreams.  At the end of the sermon the minister asked a question “If you died today do you know without a shadow of a doubt that you would go back with the Lord?” …He went on to say that its more than being morally good and that you needed a personal assurance of salvation.  I was very bashful and did not go forward.  The following day, three of my sisters who were already Christians were having prayer time and Bible study and asked if I’d like to join them…as we joined hands in prayer they began to pray for me as I also prayed for the Lord’s forgiveness of sins, that He would dwell in my heart and take full control of my life.  I love the Lord with my whole heart, not for what He does, but simply for who He is and I will let absolutely nothing separate me from His Love.