Christian Education

"To know God and make Him known," is the foundation of Christian Education at NCF. We also acknowledge that we are life-long learners and as such, our education program is designed around the needs of the oldest adult to the youngest child. NCF embraces the sciences with the understanding that science need not be antithetical to sound Biblical doctrine.

Sunday School

We offer Sunday school classes for children and adults. Sunday Schools meet at 9:30 am every Sunday from Labor Day to Memorial Day.  Sunday Morning Fellowship at New City Fellowship is divided into Pre-K thru 2nd Grade; 3rd thru 5th Grades; 6th thru 8th Grade; 9th thru 12th Grade; and Adults. Adult classes cover a variety of topics throughout the year. Youth classes go through Bible books or topics.  Children's classes use the Gospel Project curriculum.



Ages 4-5 (Room 202)

Ages 6-8 (Room 101)

All children ages 4-8 or up to 2nd grade must be signed in prior to attending “Kids’ Worship.”  You may sign in your children in the lobby between 10:15 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.


Note: If you arrive after the worship service begins, please accompany your child(ren) when they are released after pastor’s prayer to the lobby and sign them in, receive a security/name tag, and escort your child(ren) to assigned room.

Inquirer's class

This course is designed for those wishing to become official members of New City Fellowship or who want to become better acquainted with the church vision and mission in the community. Taught by Pastor Bob, the course focuses on doctrine, discipleship, church government and history, requirements for church membership, and child safety.



Families new to the Presbyterian Church quite frequently have children who were not baptized and/or have not received communion. This class is a perfect match for that audience. These young learners are always eager to learn about the Gospel and as a result, jump into the curriculum with both feet. Children are given an opportunity to share their testimony with the congregation. The class is offered in the spring semester each year.



Elders and deacons/deaconeses must be nominated by the congregation. Once nominated, each candidate goes through a period of intense training designed to help them ensure their calling or selection to the office. The church officer training course, taught by the pastor, is by invitation only.

Upon completion of the course, candidates give their verbal testimony to congregation highlighting their sense of calling to the ministry. Church members will then vote yea or nay on each candidate. From nomination to ordination, the process will take approximately 7-8 months and results in candidates not only being ready to serve but also fully capable of successfully and faithfully serving.



Classical Conversations is  a Christian community designed to give home educators the much needed support and accountability necessary to provide their children the best classical education possible.

We are not a school or a co-op.  We help parents educate their children classically by providing accountability for assignments and a community of like-minded families for encouragement.  Meeting once weekly, our classes offer parents and students the opportunity to practice classical skills and methods.